Ahlam in brief summary

Ahlam bint Ali bin Hazeem alshamsi ,Emirati artist was born in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates .
Ahlam is married to a famous Qatari rally champion, Mubarak Al-Hajiri , she has three children .
With all love she stamped in our hearts with a huge musical history, she began in 1995 ,She is one of Arab Stars
in Middle East and Fnan Alarab Mohammed Abdo gave her nickname :star of the Gulf
also Ahlam was crowned Queen at the Festival in Doha 2003 , Qatar

Her Albums :
Ahbak Moot 1995 , Funoon Al Emarat
Ma'aa Al Salamah 1996, Funoon Al Emarat
Kaif Artha 1997, Funoon Al Emarat
Ma yeseh Ela El Saheeh 1998, Funoon Al Emarat
Tabee'ee 1999, Funoon Al Emarat
Mekhtlef 2000, Funoon Al Emarat
Le Elmak Bas 2001, Funnon Al Emarat)
Ahsan 2003, alam alfan
El Thokol Sana'a 2006, Rotana Records
Hatha Ana 2009 Rotana Records
Maw3edak 2013 Rotana Records , that achieved the high sales records in the middle east region and online buying through iTunes store .

Her name has been associated with famous festivals in gulf region and middle east , because of her huge attending audience all over the Arab world . She participated in many festivals such as Festivals in Gulf :

Many around UAE and specially Layali Dubai , Many Festivals in Kuwait and she was honored more than a time over there ,
Festivals in Oman , Many Festival in Bahrain and 7 times in Doha -Qatar Festivals , where she was crowned Queen at the Festival 2003 in Doha .

Festivals outside Gulf

First Arab Singer  in Palestine , 1997 1998 Ramallah and Birzeit where the deceased Leader Yasser Arafat welcoming her as a queen and leaders .
A Great participating in Qartag , Sousa , Hamammat in Tunisia where that time she was the first from gulf stand on the stage .
On Middle East region ,She participated at Jarash Festival in Jordan and the festival organizers they considered her concert the best , in Libya the President Muammar Gaddafi, dubbed her the title Ambassador of the Arabs .
beside that she also joined Dar Al Operah , Layali TV Festival and Adwa2 Almadenah Festival in Egypt .

She is the first singer from gulf that participate at Tadmour Festival in syria , Libya Festivals, Festivals in Algeria ,Beirut International Festival , Unisco in Beirut and other festivals in Aghadeer , Mawazen in Morocco.

Recently ,Ahlam's Concert at Mawazen 2013 is considered the most attended night by the audience that reach over 150,000 in the festival and the organizers also considered as a very successful one.

whereas that she also participated at  Unisco Festival ,and Ledo Festival in France where she was the first Arab singer in this festival that sang twice , also she had a great chance to be at Washington Festival in USA , Albert Hall Festival in UK and other Festivals in London .


Alhelm Alaraby
Sout alsalam
shoualet alasyad
ser bena nahn maak
shokran um al emarat
almaraah alarabyah
fars alarab
um al emarat
malek alqloub fahed
walaa w entmaa

Ahlam has been honored and rewarded by many festivals and countries for her great achievements such as the first honoring was by Arab Music Festival in Abu Dhabi 1995 in UAE and his highness sheikha Fatma bint Mubarak the wife of Deceased His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan previous leader of UAE honored her by title of UAE Ambassador, Recently , Also she rewarded by Minister of Foreign Affairs in UAE His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed at " Lamst Wafa " Honoring Event . more to be added where honored in many countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Palestine, Tunisia, Lebanon, Libya , Egypt , Jordan and Iraq by The Ministry of Culture and they gave her nickname " Ahlam Al Iraq " .

On July 21, 2011 the program "Arab Idol " was announced is the Arabic version of the American Idol,It was announced that the artist's Ahlam within the jury .Now she is also involved in the second season of the program

Based on online statics , Ahlam she is number one on social media in middle east and she is one of the most interacting people online and her name is one of the most searched keywords in Google search engine .